Android Now Available

Banner of ScripturePlus on Android
Post Contributed By ScripturePlus Team on January 11, 2020

Book of Mormon Central is very pleased to announce that ScripturePlus is now available for download for Android devices. Our development team has been working very hard to be able to release this app to the rest of our audience.

The initial Android release of ScripturePlus will allow users to read the Book of Mormon (and other volumes of Latter-day Saint scripture) alongside enriching study material. Users can scroll through the Book of Mormon while also learning from supplemental images, videos, charts, KnoWhys, and Quotes from scholars and General Authorities.

Among the features currently included in the Android version of ScripturePlus are:

  • KnoWhys, Book of Mormon Central’s premier publications, which provide analysis of specific passages or doctrinal topics
  • Artwork, photographs, and charts to help you visualize the scriptures
  • Videos that explain and illuminate passages and themes found in scripture
  • Quotes from General Authorities and scholars that provide context and insight into specific passages of scripture
  • New formatting and headings, to improve reading flow and comprehension
  • Multiple Editions of the Book of Mormon such as the original 1830 edition, the official 2013 edition, and Royal Skousen's The Earliest Text (Yale 2009).
  • Red-lettering highlighting the words and names of members of the Godhead, making it easy for you to recognize the voice of God in scripture
  • Speaker and author identification, so that you never have to wonder who's talking in any given verse
  • Text Settings that allow the user to adjust the size and spacing of text for an optimal reading experience.

The iOS version of ScripturePlus has recently released Landscape Orientation, so that users may rotate their device. The iOS version of ScripturePlus will continue to release frequent updates and new features, along with the Android version

Please submit your feedback to help us improve the user experience.